Violet's Reflection | About
What can you expect from me -
I promise to be patient and kind. I ask that you be patient with your children as well. Children may be nervous or shy about the camera or meeting someone new. Sometimes it takes a bit for them to warm up and feel comfortable. Treating the photo shoot like a play date is the best way to go. Of course I do posed shots but I find my favorites are when we take a break and we do something fun like skip across a field or jump off of a hillside.

I also encourage your ideas. These will be your keepsakes and I want to capture an image that you will cherish forever. Please share any thoughts that you have. Do you love black and white images? Maybe you prefer a vintage feel. Then I take my feelings for each photo and create the final finished product.

It takes approximately 3 weeks to complete all of the editing on your images for a typical session and 6 weeks for weddings.

Online proofing and ordering are now available.